What really get's me going is making short visual stories about just normal people (sometimes places) with a special story to tell. People that are honest and not affraid to show who they really are. People who inspire me to do the same, to stay true to my own idea's and beliefs. 
I love photography as a medium but to perfectly honest my camera is an excuse to meet interesting people, see places that you woudn't get to see and in turn feed my own never ending curiousity.    
So please be sympathetic and help me out, feed my curiousity a new story
Some people that have preceded you: Dutch Design Foundation // Megawatt // Lunet Care // DLL // Levi's // Bosgroup International // FPWadvertising // HildenbrantSiebum // NederlandSchoon // TeamVolt // Bureau of Creative Affairs // Eindhoven Airport // Bogaerts Label // RF Objects // Profound // CBRE // Aequo Audio // RINOZuid // RAinfra // Buitink Technology // Braat&Oerbekke // Centrale24 // OmroepBrabant // Strategiemakers 
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